Ans. 2/9/71
Dear Mr Neihardt,

Our Lutheran Church Women Executive Board wish to congratulate you upon your recent birthday. We also say "thank you" for the Contributions you have made in our state, we feel that you have influenced many lives,

Many of us saw you on television and felt you gave some very good answers to the questions that were asked of you,

Again we say, "thank you" and may you have many happy days in the future.


Mrs. William Schuette Chapman, Nebr. Route Box 55

Nebraska Lutheran Church Women of The Lutheran Church in America

Executive Board
Peggy Nelson (Mrs. Harvey) Potter
Anita Regler (Mrs. Jerry) Nebr. City
Betty Heier (Mrs. Darrel) Wayne
Lorraine Setterlund (Mrs. W. V.) Omaha
Ruth Rixstine (Mrs DA) Lincoln
Ardy Grimm (Mrs. Arthur) Chappell
Adeline Bernhardson Pender, Nebraska
Amy Strand Holdrege, Nebr.
Nadine Meier (Mrs. Eldon) Nickerson, Nebr.
Lois Berrmann (Mrs. Melvin) Dakota City, Nebr.
Helvie Gross (Mrs. Jack), Rising City, Nebr.
Alta Vandenberge (Mrs. Kenneth) West Point, Nebr.
Caroline High, Bertrand, Nebr.
Donna Anderson (Mrs. Richard) Stromsburg, Nebr.
Dorothy Decker (Mrs. Edgar) Lincoln, Nebr.
Lenora Schuette (Mrs William) Chapman, Nebr.
Louis Vanzogo - Omaha Nebr.
Evelyn Larson - Hastings, Nebr.