Dear Dr. John,

Many years have passed since our last correspondence, but often I reflect on our times together and wish you are well and happy in good health.

I spoke with your daughter in Columbia recently and she told me I could write you at this address. She said you are busy writing your autobiography. I think that is a great idea. I assume your biography, being written in early 60's, has been published.

For myself the past decade has been full of ups and downs, the good always outweighing the bad. I recently married a wonderful girl from Boston and we have settled into an 1850 federal house in Washington's historica Georgetown with a family of Judith, 5, and Elliott, 4, and Andrew a huge Old English sheep dog. After leaving M.U., as you know, I did still photography in South America, sold and exhibited a few pictures, then ventured into gold and silver mining properities and have maintained interest over the years, worked on a Master's in English literature, followed by working one year at National Geographic, left and co-produced a film on Yugoslavia's Adriatic coast this past year, to be followed by another film on Bali this coming August.

For a year I have entertained the idea of asking to do a documentary film on you. Your poetry reading has been video-taped which is a valuable document, but I feel that some film and sound material should be gathered on a personal level to accompany your readings. In particular, something of what I saw, heard and experienced in the many hours we spent together, talking over lunch. I would love to film you in Columbia at your garden of the Sacred Hoop, sitting by the Tree of Knowledge, while school children are grouped around in a circle listening to your stories. Or on a bench talking wtih the young people, or taking a nap.

The single important reason for doing this film is to have a film document for posterity. I would also check into how your video-tape record is being preserved at Missouri and perhaps my film might interest the Library of Congrees in making a copy of your readings. Hopefully a market for your story will be found at National Educational Television or a sponsor for a commerical outlet.

Please let me know your thoughts about this idea and what will be your schedule over the next four months, and next Fall since I'll be in Bali August and September. How long a say in Lincoln and will you be returning to Columbia where I prefer to film you. Aside from allowing me to film and record some interviews, and following your daily routine, I would not have to interrupt your work schedule. I would make all my own arrangements to stay in town.

Take care old friend.