5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505 Mr. Dale Schoenberger 2920 Ivanhoe St. Louis, Missouri 63139
Dear Mr. Schoenberger:

I have your letter of April 15, 1969.

It is true that I met and talked with two of the men who were in the Wagon Box fight of August 2, 1867. They were Gibson and Lippman. I met Gibson in Omaha years ago and had several good long talks with him. Some years later I met Mr. Lippman, who at the time was running an elevator in one of the buildings on the waterfront in St. Louis. If there is a written record of these talks, which I doubt, it would be in the possession of Dr. Lucile Aly. Her address is 1138 22nd Avenue East, Eugene, Oregon. She is now in the process of completing my biography, after working on it for some eight years.

With best wishes,

John G. Neihardt