5835 Vine Street Lincoln, Nebraska 68505 Mrs. Mildred R. Bennett 329 North Cedar Red Cloud, Nebraska 68970
Dear Mildred:

Excuse this typewriter. I am trying to catch up on my correspondence after being here and there.

Yes, I was interviewed by Dick Cavett — for four hours on end and it was most successful. I'll tell you something he said if you won't accuse me of bragging. In a interview with Arthur Godfrey he stated brazenly that he thought I was the most interesting person he had ever interviewed. I did tell you this not because I believe it but because it tells you how Dick Cavett feels. I would not tell it if I did not know you are my friend.

And I really don't believe it.

It is good to hear how our young lady has developed. She is a sweetheart.

I am very happy to know about your son's continuing success.

Please say especially nice things to the Doctor for me. He and I used to "click" and would still if we could be together. Finally, I rather like you, too!!

With all good thoughts, your friend

John G. Neihardt