Copy of letter written to a negro boy by John G. Neihardt

It is not the If there are those under developed human beings who cannot know your place in the human scale it is not for you to feel unhappy about the fact. The lesser cannot include the greater. You have been made to suffer deeply, and even at times feel lost in this world.

Don't you realize that all the finest people of all races have suffered as deeply from the blindness of their fellow men? They have to do so. No other way has ever been discovered for making a really fine spirit. If you ever feel a burden, so did and do all the others. Learn to be thankful for the deepest hurts somehow and see what a warm illumination will come to you.

It is not the business of the blind to see. It is the business of those who have eyes to do the seeing. It is not the business of those others to understand and love you. It is your business to understand and love them. I, your friend, am grieved to think of you on the negative side of things as you seem to be.

In such a world as ours it is not surprising if you have at times felt handicapped. How much greater then to achieve the sharing vision of universal humanness to know the pity that is not condescension but communion — to love those who cannot love you what a tremendous triumph.

I do not say these things to you as a man of one race talking to a man of another and truly I am not "teaching". I am only talking to the self I have been and may be again.