Private Secretary

PRIVATE SECRETARY. By Alan Brener Schultz. (Simon and Schuster.)

WHAT we have here is this novel designed for the languid trade of the dog days may be described scientifically and also sophistically, as a study in the sub-equatorial meteorology of a flapper. Those who may prefer to have their reading matter characterized in approved literary terms may call it an epic of the necking sorority, or love among the lipsticks. Anyhow, it’s the story of one Mary Linden who lands a job as stenographer under Slim Jim Deneen, the Big Business executive, and manages, in spite of a blonde rival’s vamping operations, to extract a proposal from the big boob. By this time, however, Mary is in full cry after Ronnie, who, though quite willing to play at matrimony over the weekend, shies at the altar. What to do? Marry the shifty Slim Jim and wear diamonds, or fool around to no purpose with thrilling but impervious Ronnie? Neither. Mary tickles a third simp half out of his poor wits by wedding him on the rebound.